OXYCARE LTD is Ireland’s leading Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment facility. Our hyperbaric chamber is an EU-approved medical device, conforming to international standards and providing appropriate, internationally-accepted treatment for approved medical conditions.

Our HBOT centre is professionally run by trained medical and nursing staff and patients are medically screened for suitability for treatment.

Safety Features

State of the art CE approved Hyperbaric Chamber.

Continuous oxygen monitoring.


Medical staff present during all treatment sessions.

Inside attendant during all treatment sessions.

Advanced computerised control panel, with backup manual controls.

Patient screening prior to treatment.

Continuous liaising with treating specialists.

Infection control.

Fire suppression system.

Rigorous application of in-chamber and out-of-chamber safety protocols.

What Does HBOT Do?

The major effects of blood oxygen changes during HBOT inlcudes:


Higher Oxygen level – the most important effect – providing more oxygen to healing tissues.

Oedema Reduction

Vasoconstriction reduces oedema (swelling) of the tissues.

  • Accelerates “oxidative burst”
  • Supports phagocytosis (immune cell destruction of bacteria)
  • Antibiotic effect on anaerobes (bacteria that do not actually require oxygen and are damaged by it)
  • Neutralizing the toxin of Clostridial gas gangrene
  • Substitute Carbon Monoxide gas in Carbon Monoxide

CE Medical device in accordance with EN 14931 (EU) 2017/745 as amended


UHMS-Joint Commission Internationally accredited medical centre


All staff are fully trained and certified in the delivery of Hyperbaric Medicine


ISO 9001:2015 Accredited Company