Oxycare Hyperbaric Chamber

OXYCARE LTD offers an Advanced Wound Treatment Centre Providing facilities to patients which can result in significant health and cost benefit – following an Advanced Wound Treatment Pathway – in a modern, medically-run, clinic, run by trained, on-site, medical, nursing, and podiatry staff. Patients are medically screened for suitability for treatment. Preliminary report and progress reports are readily available using dedicated software with advanced wound assessment equipment.

OXYCARE LTD offers a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment facility, using an EU-approved medical device, (chamber) – conforming to international standards, and providing appropriate, internationally-accepted, treatment for approved medical conditions.

100% Medical Oxygen – used for suitable medical conditions as the prescribed medication – is administered to patients (following internationally-accepted protocols) in a high-pressure environment, causing more of the inhaled Oxygen to get into the blood stream. (see Boyle’s Law; Henry’s Law)


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Oxycare Dublin


Why choose OXYCARE?

OXYCARE LTD has developed relationships and collaboration with international experts in this form of treatment, and is working with the encouragement and support of Irish Consultants and Wound Care Specialists to bring about a significant improvement in care for Irish patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcer, ischaemic-limb conditions, and other HBOT-appropriate medical conditions.

Patients are screened for suitability for Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment. This can include chest xray and other medical tests -arranged by our on-site physician when required.

An appropriate Pathway-of-Care is determined for each patient, in conjunction with the individual patient’s treating specialist where required.

Our chamber is an EU-approved Medical Device (EN 14931) – using medical grade oxygen – and is constructed in accordance with European Regulations (97/23/EC), (93/42/EEC), (BS EN ISO 1348:2012), (EN 16081,NFPA-99)

Wound treatment – following the appropriate pathway of care, is carried out by Nurse or Podiatrist – depending on the site of the wound – and the most modern methods are applied to assess and record wound progress.

Infection Control


OXYCARE LTD follows Infection Control Procedures advised by main Irish Hospitals and the most advanced Hyperbaric Medicine Treatment Centres.


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